Fox 4 Atrium, Falmouth University, UK, November 2016


Staff and students from the School of Communication Design were invited by Nicola Salkeld and Ashley Rudolf (Moth) to exhibit their personal collection of STUFF. This collection could have been created over time, bequeathed to the individual, constitute multiples of objects accrued as a result of habitual buying, or an instant collection as a result of a chance encounter.

The material displayed for STUFF by Various Writings, comes from Lizzie Ridout and Dion Star’s private collections.

Lizzie’s collection of exercise books began as a teenager when she visited different towns around the world and became intrigued by the diversity of forms that the lines in a basic exercise book could take. The collection was never a conscious amassing, but grew over the years as she travelled more and as international friends offered up additional examples.

Similarly, Dion’s desk notes have been gathered over a number of years and constitute any message left on his desk, without specific criteria as to form or content. They form a glimpse of a set of voices made solid over time; a series of demands, statements and musings, linked only by the person to whom they have been communicated.

Lizzie and Dion’s joint taxonomies of digital files, both stored on their respective computers and ever-growing, are combined here as an animation. They bring together Lizzie’s portable document symbols and Dion’s book logos into one loop. Both Lizzie and Dion are here concerned with the classification and ordering of two apparently simple icons to reveal diversity and complexity in the surfaces upon, and the containers in which we write.

Book Identity: A Taxonomy (Dion Star)

Portable Document: A Taxonomy (Lizzie Ridout)

Desk Notes (Dion Star)

Collection of Exercise Books  (Lizzie Ridout)

Joint Taxonomies of Digital Files (Ridout & Star)

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