Society of Artistic Research ‘Please Specify!’ Conference
University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland, 28–29 April 2017

Chapter One [Performance] 

A performative lecture for ‘Please Specify!’, the Society for Artistic Research’s 8th annual conference in 2017.

The first act of Various Writings’ research was a response to Vilém Flusser’s text The Gesture of Writing. Flusser meticulously takes apart the act of writing: we followed in his footsteps using personal mythologies, Oulipian constraints and translations, taxonomies and non-verbal conversations as tools to excavate relics of writing. We collected codes, tools, surfaces; tested writing against various technologies and translated it into movements, attitudes and objects.

In our attempt to understand writing, we performed these observations alongside films and visual / textual material.


The Society for Artistic Research (SAR) hosts the annual International Conference on Artistic Research bringing together leading practitioners, scholars and policy makers, showcasing exemplary artistic research projects, while focussing key issues through critical debate.

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