About Various Writings

Various Writings is a research project initiated by Maria Christoforidou, Lizzie Ridout and Dion Star. It is both a research platform and perpetual generator of activity – conversations, exhibitions, events, artworks, texts, acts, workshops, publishing – contemplating the conceptual nature of writing, through the deliberate disruption of its structures and conditions.  

Our working methodology is underpinned by the concept of the trialogue. Trialogue is a word that we thought we had created but have since seen others use, for describing the way we work which encapsulates the idea of a three-way conversation. It is a triple perspective that doesn’t settle on binary oppositions, instead expanding the dynamic of a dialogic communication back and forth into unexpected territories and trajectories.  

The three artist-designers are academics at Falmouth University, UK, working across the School of Communication Design and Falmouth School of Art.

The School of Various Writings is the pedagogic wing of Various Writings. Our workshops and projects aim to support students exploring writing as both a tool and a discipline. We encourage open-ended enquiries, nurture critical thinking, risk-taking and ‘play’, and support students in considering alternative audiences for their work and therefore their modes of communication. The projects allow for a focus on independence and interdependence and provide a greater understanding of risk taking and how it supports a student’s creative development.

Short biographies:

Maria Christoforidou (MA) is an artist and independent curator. She is co-curator of ‘Decalcomania’ a curatorial experiment, art director of Penryn Arts Festival 2013, co-creator of ‘Conversation Café’ and founder of ‘T–Rex’ community cinema.

︎ decalcomaniaproject.wordpress.com

Lizzie Ridout MA (RCA) is an artist who works with words. She has undertaken various residencies – including Women’s Studio Workshop (US), The British Library and Fiskars (Finland) – and conferences – including ICSVC Cyprus and St Bride Annual Conference.

︎ www.lizzieridout.com

Dion Star (MA) is an artist and designer whose primary focus is on exploring potential critical and creative ‘ways of operating’ through the habitual use of constraints as a conceptual framework. His work is research-based, ideas-led and collaborative, exploring the intersection between design and other disciplines. Selected exhibitions include: RCA, London; Newlyn Art Gallery; The Eden Project, UK.

︎ www.dionstar.co.uk

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